Saturday, July 6, 2013

List of Reptiles that are Vegetarians

Anyone want to help me build a list of reptiles that are vegetarians?

Please submit your answers and links to citations below.

I already have the iguana, chuckwalla, agamid and the land tortoise courtesy of

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Do True Vegans Own Pets?

Do True Vegans Own Pets?

In my previous post I raised the question. Here are some answers from another forum:

i am vegan. i have a cat and a bunny. my cat was a stray and my bunny was a birthday present (unfortunately).

i think owning pets is fine. i don't agree in breeding animals for pets. but i know my cat reena has a way better life living here than she would as a stray. and there are fewer strays because she is fixed and off of the street.

my bunny chauncy was a birthday gift. even though i don't agree with giving animals as gifts or buying animals from pet stores i love my bunny and am glad that he lives with me. what can i say? i grew attached and simply could not say 'send him back'.

i wish my bunny could be a wild bunny but the fact is that he isn't and can't survive in the wild so i don't feel bad taking care of him. he gets to go outside on a bunny leash and feel the sunshine and eat grass.

Here is another:

 I think if they're adopted or otherwise rescued, I don't see the problem.  I would think a vegan would prefer to rescue an animal and have it live a comfortable life rather than have it be euthanized in a shelter or reproducing more and more strays as a feral animal.  I know that PETA has an issue with zoos and using animals for entertainment, but I am pretty sure they don't care about household pets as long as they're well cared-for.

A comment about wild pets:

 I don't agree with owning wild animals, unless the animal has been rescued and cannot live on its own due to living in captivity for a long time and/or being ill or injured.  Also only people specially trained to handle wild animals should have them, not just anyone.  Cats and dogs, etc. are domesticated and it's fine to have one as a pet.  They cannot be expected to survive in the wild, and most of them live a much better life in someone's home than on their own.  I also don't think people should breed animals or buy from breeders, given the millions that are given a death sentence every year due to overpopulation from irresponsible and uncontrolled breeding.  Save a life - adopt!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can A Vegan Own Pets?

We all know what a vegetarian or a vegan for some heated debate over the sometimes trivial matters where we lose sight of the big picture that unites us and look at all the things that divide us. 

Many vegans do not eat animal products for a variety of reasons.  These reasons can include things like taste or health benefits.  Others will profess a love for animals and simply do not want to take part in any shape or fashion the consumption of food created/produced by animals.

But, can a vegan own an animal?  Most will say that there is nothing wrong with owning a cat or a dog.  Heck, many will have a designer dog like a pomsky riding shotgun in their expensive import.  Life is good. 

What about more exotic pets and animals?  Is it even remotely acceptable for me to entertain the notion of owning a pet monkey?  You can find ads listing monkeys for sale on the internet just like you were looking for a home. I have always wanted a capuchin monkey for sale.

We all have a tremendous amount of love and appreciation for animals and sometimes I feel like we as humans can actually advance the cause of our furry friends if we have a more hands on approach.  Admiring from afar or through the pages of a wildlife magazine disconnects me, I feel. 

I am not convinced that ownership of animals is a mortal sin...but I know that many vegans will find this blasphemous.  Thoughts?